The Darbster foundation is a 501(c) 3 that concentrates its resources on animal welfare on a community level. When Darbster founders, Ellen Quinlan and Alan Gould, opened the restaurant in 2009, they also formed the Foundation, and 100% of all profits from Darbster Food go to Darbster Foundation. Darbster Foundation has no paid employees and operates entirely through volunteers.

In 2015, the Foundation sponsored the spay/neuter surgeries of 956 community animals and assisted with the medical care of an additional 50+ community animals. In efforts to achieve the “Countdown to Zero,” Darbster Foundation pulled over 300 kittens from local shelters and made 45 trips to Opa-Locka, FL to deliver the rescued kittens to Ameriflight, a cargo flight company that is a part of Pilots and Paws, a non-profit foundation where volunteer pilots fly rescued animals to their new homes. Ameriflight then flew our kittens to their forever homes in New England. Along with the kittens, 10 dogs were pulled and adopted out as well. To help coordinate the adoptions and foundation activities, Darbster Foundation purchased a facility in Manchester, New Hampshire- affectionately known as Darbster Kitty.

Also in 2015, we became a member of the Amazon Smile Foundation. Already shop through Amazon? Use Amazon Smile, choose Darbster Foundation, and you will be donating 0.5% to help community animals. You enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as Prime is also offered through Amazon Smile.

We are planning to double our efforts in 2016 and continue to help our furry friends find forever homes. With the help of the Darbster Foundation and community support, we hope to see the number of animals put down each year continue to be reduced, and eventually zero.

Looking for a gift idea for the animal lover that has everything? Make a donation or visit our “shop” page!

• $25 funds a cat spay/neuter (receive a $5 gift card & a Darbster glass)
• $85 funds a trip to New Hampshire for a dog or cat or kitten, where adoption is assured ($15 gift card & a glass)
• $100 funds a dog spay/neuter ($20 gift card & a glass)
• Choose a pet to sponsor

Interested in Fostering or Adopting? Call Meagan at 561-459-1587 to find out more information

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