Hot & Sour –EVOO ,Fresh ginger, garlic, Veggie stock, Shitaki mushroom ,Bamboo shoots, tofu, Baby bok choy ,Rice vinegar, Chili paste, Tamari, Sugar, Cornstarch , Green onion, Cilantro **Sesame seed as garnish per bowl  GF  – $4.5 cup  $6.5 bowl
RAW Soup: 

Pho – carrots, mushrooms, scallions, basil, ginger, sesame oil, garlic, clove, anise, cinnamon, cardamom, agave – GF – $4.5 cup  $6.5 bowl
RAW App: 

Thai Collard Salad-  collard greens,  cashew, ginger, garlic, lime juice, sesame oil, agave, basil, chilies, carrots, scallion, red peppers.- GF$12.5

Pork Lettuce Wraps – Sesame oil, Vidalia onion , Fresh garlic, Ground pork, Baby Bella mushroom , Water chestnuts , Green onion, Fresh ginger , Tamari , Maple sy, pepper , Romaine leaves  **Crushed  roasted peanut as garnish , ** Ground Pork = gardein , ACV, Smoked liquid, Dijon mustard – $12.5-NGF
  Japanese Fruit Roll Cake – ** Cake**, Salt, Baking soda, Cake flour, Sugar cane, Coconut milk , Canola oil, Vanilla extract , Ground flax, Cornstarch , ACV, Sugar powder, ** Filling **, Cream cheese , Sugar powder , Vanilla extract Entrée
Sushi Rolls-  Sushi rice, vinegar , Sugar , Salt, Cucumber , avocado , beet, Red onion, Sun flower sprouts, Carrot, nori sheets**served with Black sesame seeds, Wasabi paste, Pickled ginger – NGF-$ 17.5
Fresh kiwi, strawberries,  pineapple, peaches ** served with 1 scoop vanilla ice cream and berries sauce. NGF – $ 10.5
RAW Dessert: 

Coconut Lime Cheese Cake- cashew, lime juice, agave, lecithin, almond milk, coconut oil, almonds, dates. -NGF- $ 9.5

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