Butternut Bisque –Butternut squash, Vidalia onion, Fresh Ginger, Whole nutmeg, Cinnamon, Coconut milk, Paprika, Sugar, Salt, Black pepper -GF- $4.5 cup  $6.5 bowl
RAW Soup:
Cream of Celery – Celery, Parsley, lime Juice, Salt Water, Agave and Canola  – GF – $4.5 cup  $6.5 bowl

Buffalo Chicken Pizza  homemade pizza bread, Chicken breast, Blue cheese dressing, Buffalo hot sauce, Mozzarella diaya cheese, Chopped lettuce, Diced tomato, Diced celery, Dice red onion, Chopped green onion, Cashew Parmesan cheese** homemade pizza Dough, A.P. Flour, Yeast, Sugar, EVOO, A.P. Seasonings, Water- $12.5-NGF
Raw Entree:
Tuna Club Sandwich– Flax Bread, butter lettuce, dill mayo, tuna (almonds, dulse flakes, Nama Shoyu, lemon juice, dill mayo, white pepper & celery), egg plant bacon, avocado & grape tomato with side house salad-GF$ 15.5
Citrus Tofu Scallops
– w/corn mash and herbed tomato sauce. organic tofu, O.J., Aminos, Corn flour **Roasted tomato cherry, Dry thyme Black papers, Salt, melted butter **Corn kernels, Mash potato, Salt, Black pepper, Paprika, Garlic powder, Onion powder **EVOO, Spinach, Garlic, White wine, Chives as garnish- GF-$ 17.5

Apple Pecan Pie – brown sugar, A.P. Flour, Ground cinnamon, Nutmeg, Apple gala, Pecans, Lemon zest, Pie shells** served with 1 scoop cinnamon gelato -NGF – $ 10.5
RAW Dessert: 

Apple Tart– Apples, Date Caramel, Pecan Crust -GF- $ 9.5

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