Kimchi jjigae – One of the most loved dishes in Korea is Kimchi stew! JJigae is stew containing a savory, hearty, and spicy flavor to it. The kimchi in it is full of vitamins and minerals! Good for you and especially good for your taste buds. GF $4.50 cup / $6.50 bowl
RAW Soup:
Pho – Our version of Pho which is served with tons of veggies and as a gazpacho! GF $4.50 cup / $6.50 bowl
Bossam – Another Korean favorite Darbster is putting a meat-free spin on is Bossam. Bossam is pork lettuce wraps. They are served with fresh crunchy romaine hearts, pork, and other veggies.   NO GF $12.50
  Asian Cucumber Salad – Our cucumber salad is light, crunchy, and a little bitter from the lime juice and apple cider vinegar. It is also served with onion and peppers.  GF $9.50
Korean BBQ Bowl –  This dish is a colorful bowl full of fresh sautéed and marinated veggies sitting on top of jasmine rice and topped with sesame seeds and scallions! GF $17.50
RAW Dessert:
  Ginger Pear Torte –  A ginger and pear slice of delicious! Made with cashews and almonds to give ya that little extra boost of protein! GF $9.50
  Mango Cheezecake– A nice slice of cheezecake that is sweet, a bit bitter, with a fantastic finish! It is topped with mango, berries, and a berry compote! GF $9.50

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