French Onion – The French Onion soup is full of flavor. Soft onions sit in a veggie based broth and topped with mozzarella cheese and toasted bread for dipping. GF $4.50 cup / $6.50 bowl
RAW Soup:
Cream of Celery – A light, refreshing gazpacho combined with fresh dill and cashew. GF $4.50 cup / $6.50 bowl
Mason Pizza – We love giving you the gift of our famous Darbster Pizzas! This one happens to be a delicious winner. Three cheeses all come together to melt over the top of caramelized onions, peppers, tempeh bacon, and mushrooms! GF $12.50
RAWtatouille – Vibrant in color and flavor our raw spin on a French classic will surely blow you away. It is topped with a raw hollandaise sauce to give it an extra boost of delicious. GF $11.50
Portobello Au Poivre – A Portobello cap sitting on a bed of sweet potato mash with grilled asparagus. Coating the Portobello is a creamy brandy and peppercorn sauce. GF $15.50
RAW Dessert:
Blueberry Lavender Cheezecake – Enjoy your fiber with our Blueberry Lavender Cheezecake that has almond date crust and a cashew blueberry lavender center. Protein and fiber really does sound that delicious. GF $9.50
Blueberry Crème Brulee – A sweet treat that has hints of vanilla and is full of blueberries. Under its caramelized exterior lays a delicious custard underneath that pairs perfectly with its crackly sugar top. GF $9.50




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Sunday 10:30 am-3 pm - 5 pm - 9 pm

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