Zuppa Tuscana – Italian sausage, Pepper flex, tempeh bacon, Vidalia onions, Garlic, Veggie stock, Yukon gold potato, Coconut cream, Spinach -NGF- $4.5 cup $6.5 bowl
RAW Soup:
Tomato Tarragon- Roma tomatoes, fresh tarragon, evoo, garlic, lemon juice – GF – $4.5 cup $6.5 bowl
RAW App:
Dandelion Salad- dandelion greens, apples golden raisins, Apple Cider Vinegar dressing, cashews – GF-$ 10
Grilled Wedge Salad – Romaine Heart, Blue cheese dressing, Red onion, Roma tomatoes, Cucumbers, Balsamic reduction** Blue cheese dressing , tofu, Garlic, Veganaisse, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon juice, Black pepper- $10.5-GF
Mediterranean FlatBread- Pizza shell, Marinara, Mozzarella cheese, Artichoke, Sundry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, Cherry tomatoes, Roasted red peppers, Dry cashew goat cheese, Red peppers flex, Cashew Parmesan cheese, Balsamic reduction, Basil leaves, Arugula as garnish- NGF$ 19
Chocolate Banana Cheese Cake – tofu, Cream cheese, Cornstarch, Vanilla extract, sugar cane, Turmeric, Bananas, Chocolate chips, Coconut cream** Garnish, Strawberry , Chocolate sauce GF – $ 10.5
RAW Dessert:
Neapolitan Parfait – cashews, cacao, strawberries, vanilla bean, agave, coconut oil, salt lecithin. GF- $ 10.5

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